Superior drying performance

The new Kare-generation dryers allow for unprecedented efficiency, making them one of the most advanced dryers on the market. With an attractive design, we have succeeded in ensuring that the appearance of the machines is not incompatible with enhanced usability for the user and ease of maintenance. At Fagor Professional we have a wide variety of dryers, starting with single-drum dryers and complementing the offer with stack dryers (double drum) and heat pump dryers. In addition, for each product there is the possibility of choosing between different lines that complement our entire range. In this way, we adapt to any type of customer: from those seeking maximum energy efficiency and performance to ones simply interested in a basic, affordable, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain dryer.  To this end, we have included an extensive variety of accessories and features to satisfy the needs of any customer. 


To ensure maximum energy saving, we have created a recirculation system that reintroduces expelled hot air into the drum. In the products that make up the ADVANCE PLUS range, the hot air is reused, reducing drying cycle times and energy consumption as much as possible. 


The new Fagor Professional moisture sensor, along with the temperature sensor at the entrance to the drum, offers precise control of the humidity level of clothes. The system stops the drying cycle automatically once the set residual moisture level has been reached. This avoids unnecessarily prolonging the drying cycle and the deterioration of the clothes while reducing energy consumption significantly. It is available in the ADVANCE PLUS range as a standard product and optionally in the ADVANCE range.    

Efficient air flow

All the models contain a large ergonomic filter for lint and improved airflow. This, along with the innovative stainless-steel filter holder and the option of including a larger-than-standard filter diameter (0.3 mm), increases drying efficiency.


The new Kare-generation axial-radial mixed airflow system increases the efficiency of the entire drying process thanks to improved airflow inside the drum.  


The Kore-generation axial-radial mixed airflow increases the efficiency of the entire drying process thanks to improved airflow inside the drum. 

Double skin

Total thermal isolation of the airflow circuit to avoid the loss of heat from the outside: the drum, panels in contact with the airflow, recirculation tubes and double-glass door. This optimizes energy efficiency.


An innovative and enhanced mixed airflow for ADVANCE plus dryers. The axial-radial standard airflow (mixed flow) is complemented by other openings to optimize the air circuit and achieve maximum efficiency.  

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