Black vinyl or heavy duty stainless steel finish front, sides and floor. Galvanized back and interior with coved corners.

Heavy duty 18 gauge stainless steel top and lid over the lip of the top for ease odf use and durability.


Free-flowing air flow throughout the box to ensure 'Ice-cold' products at all times.

Hot gas evaporation system in drain pan for efficient condensation while preventing corrosion from overflows.

2" CFC-free polyurethane insulation, foamed in place for added strenght and efficiency.


Heavy duty adjustable bin dividers for maximun storage capacity.

Standard with locks per lid for after hours protection and flourescent interior lights.

Removable sturdy bottle opener and cap catcher.

Bottle Cooler - Black

Black vinyl steel front, sides and back. Galvanized interior wall with stainless steel floor.

Bottle Coolers - Stainless Steel

Heavy duty stailess steel front and sides and floor, with galvanized back and interior walls

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