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Fecha Evento Lugar
2024/01/29 - 2024/02/01 Arab Health Dubai 2024 Dubai World Trade Centre Dubai World Trade Centre
2024/03/18 - 2024/03/21 HOSTELCO 2024 Barcelona, Spain Barcelona, Spain
2024/03/27 - 2024/03/30 HOTELEX 2024 Shanghái, China Shanghái, China
2024/05/18 - 2024/05/21 NRA 2024 Chicago, United States Chicago, United States
2024/08/05 - 2024/08/07 BID FOOD EXPO 2024 Praga, Czech Republic Praga, Czech Republic
2024/08/05 - 2024/08/07 SAUDI HORECA EXPO 2024 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
2024/10/01 - 2024/10/01 SAN SEBASTIAN GASTRONOMIKA 2024 San Sebastian, Spain San Sebastian, Spain
2024/10/22 - 2024/10/25 FHA 2024 Singapore Singapore
2024/11/05 - 2024/11/07 GULFHOST 2024 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2024/11/06 - 2024/11/09 Texcare Frankfurt 2024 Frankfurt am Main Frankfurt am Main

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