Tapas Cases


Stainless steel construction with durable acrylic side panels.

Front curved glass display window provides wide viewing area and an easy cleaning surface.



Electronic controller for maximum efficiency and temperature precision.

Interior LED lighting for low energy consumption, greater visibility and attractive display.

Cold plate design underneath pans keeps products fresh at an optimal temp of 36°-41°F.



Right side mounted compressor and drain fitting for easy installation.

Rear sliding and removable glass doors for convenient loading/unloading and ease of cleaning.

Interior allows up to 11.5" plates for display

Standard with 1/3rd gastronorm pans, 1.5" deep.

Tapas Cases

Our cases are designed with durability and elegance along with a unique dual refrigeration system (VTP-SL only). Cold plate design underneath the pans to keep products fresher and maintain products at 39˚ - 46˚ F temperature in food pans. Sushi case (VTP-SL) also includes refrigeration on top of food pans. Digital controller for enhanced performance.

  Model Amp Pans HP vacuum Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
Fagor Tapas display case, 6 pans VTP-139 2.3 6 1/6 54-1/2" x 16" x 10" Download
Fagor Tapas display case, 9 pans VTP-175 2.3 8 1/6 68-1/2" x 16" x 10" Download
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