Green Evolution - Stack dryers

2x11 - 2x16 kg
• MP Microprocessor with 10 standard programs that can be modified by the user.
• New blue contrast screen. Better visibility from all angles. Display for temperature and time.
• Indicator of dirth in the filter.
• Control of the temperature and dry time.
• Final cooling cycle.
• Wrinkle system.
• Fault diagnostics, statistics cycles

External case
• External case made of “skin plate”, grey color, with stainless steel aesthetics.
• Safety switch for opening door.
• New ergonomic door with double glass, for a better insulation..
• New easy-to-clean fluff filter under the drum, larger and more ergonomic.

• Standard stainless steel drum on all models.
• Drum perforated with stamped holes, axially and radially, to provide a soft tissue treatment and a better air circulation.
• Axial and radial air flow that improves drying efficiency, reducing the cycle time.
• Standard spin reverse system on all models and sizes.

Transmission of movement
• By gear motor.
• Standard frequency variator on all models

  Model Capacity (kg) Production lb/h Heating power Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
SR-2-11 MP E SR-2-11 MP E 23 34 2x12,00 el 785x955x1.980 Download
SR-2-11 MP G SR-2-11 MP G 23 34 2x12,00 G 785x955x1.980 Download
SR-2-16 MP E SR-2-16 MP E 37 53 2x12,00 el 785x1.225x1.980 Download
SR-2-16 MP G SR-2-16 MP G 37 53 2x12,00 G 785x1.225x1.980 Download
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